1. what animal is most endangered? The African Elephant, African Wild Dog, The Andean Cat, Arctic Fox, The Asian Elephant
17. how to prevent soil erosion in garden? simple plant some plant. Tree, wood or flower. It also can make shelter and good water flow pipe to prevent excess water.
24. How rain benefit to the forest? It can water to trees and branches. Helping it growth. Tree grow better. More insects come and spread. When insect foraging honey. It also helping plant to exchange flower powder. It can help tree increase number. More easy to grasp the nutrition in the soil. Rain also reduce soil erosion by stronger tree. Also, it can also help tree absorb soil nutrition. Bigger leave and colourful flower it can grow out. Rain can be forest cleaner. Prevent dry leaf or muddy dust overlap or overload too much on soil. Keep tree root clean and prevent soil turn bad from bacteria.
25. How fast is the strongest wind? 318 mph in record
26. When rain disadvantage? When it overfall and make flooding
27. The distance between sun and earth? 149 million km
28. How moon relation earth creatures? Moon make earth to have tidal. Many creature need to use tidal breeding new generation. Like fish, coral, crab... even insect like moth. Moon can help them to find couple and mating. A light they follow moon to go forward and search. Bigger animal like wolf also like moon to connect each other. Maybe hunting or gathering
What is the planet we are living in? This is earth
Why water doesn't burn at all? Because there have atmosphere. Even fire burn water. Water will become steam. Turn to cloud and become rain. Falling back to earth.
Is bird give good impact for earth? Yes. It keep plant healthy by eating insects. It also able to spread flower powder. Make plant spread. It also balance different species number like fish crab or insect.
How is the nature involved with our world? It provide fresh air for us to breath. Sun light for us to work and have food. Water make us can wash and drink. Keep environment clean.
how much sun does a tree need? It demand on which tree. But it at least the light can make tree transport nutrition from root. It at least a cloudy day light
How to make fertile soil? Combine soil with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Ph 5.5 to 6.2
Why is the sky blue? Reflection from sea
Why do combustion need oxygen? It make carbon to co2. It need oxygen to happen.
Why plant needs the water? Transport nutrition from root to leave
What is the defference between plant and tree? The main different to its height. plant is short. Tree is tall. Tree is big and plant is small. Tree have wood fiber and plant without. It make tree strong. Tree stable. Plant bendable. Make fliexible.
When is Earth Day on 2015? 22 April 2015

Apple is good ? It good for our health. An apple contain water, sugar, Vitamin C and E, iron and potassium.
Why can't human live on another planet? Because others planet may not have the same evironment. Water, oxygen, co2. Is very important for human. Other planet may combine nitrogen co2. Then human there much bring oxygen supply equipment. Also Human like Ph 5.5-7 generally. Other planet may extreme acid or akaline. It would harm our body. Also other planet may full of rocky environment. Otherwise it would fully water. Oceanic planet. It totally different. Human not easy to adapt for new change. New planet temperature is much different from earth. May very hot or cold. Even summer and winter in a day. New planet may not have atmosphere. It no air or atmosphere too thick. Low sun light. Can not see anything. The most important is new planet have food supply. It no creature at all. Human may not able to eat there.
Are the lava mountain have good impact to earth? It generate out the mine substance from core of earth. Like iron, copper. It can also shape the environment in different styles. Like Island, hill, mountain. With landscape, weather system will build up. Make Rain and monsoon. Grassland, Tree and river also develop. Allow different creature grow and expand in various types and species. More type of species. Make Eco system much complex and stable. Keep environment better and substainable grow in the long term.

What affect does the sun have on earth crust? The magnetic field between earth and sun can affect earth crust movement make earth equake or volcano activity.
What is forest advantage? It can turn co2 to oxygen make creature spread. Forest also can be a shelter for creatures to live. It can generate monsoon effect. Make land green and have water. It can also store nutrition in tree inside. Tree root also can fertile soil lock in soil and prevent nutrition loss when heavy rain.
How water benefit to earth? It can balance world temperature. Not be too hot or too cold. When it coming cloud. It can be shelter to sun. Make live easy to grow. With rain can against hill fire. Creature can have more time to evolution and diversify. Rain also reduce the change to have desert. Throught everlasting river go throught inland.How can we call a fast rain Storm, tornado, typhoon
How to define saltwater? Water salinity at 3-5%
Is there a planet same as or similar to Earth? Kepler-22 is a planet like earth. It far from earth.
Can plants survive on moon? It can not. Because moon no air and there no atmosphere, extreme hot in daylight and cold at night. It would be burnt or frozen.
.How much tree in the indonesia ? 80,000,000 Hectares of Forest
Why can't fish live on the surface? Most of the fish, It use gills to breath oxygen and flow out Co2 under water. When on land, gills can not work
What happened during Earth in dark age? It 4.53 billion years ago. It infant of earth. Many volcanno activity there. An object size like mars hit earth. Change earth shape and it become moon.
How water cycling in earth? Water from sea. Steam up to sky become cloud. Then moving to anywhere. When cloud collect enough water. It will fall down as rain. To hill, to grassland or to sea.
Which fruit has higher Vitamin C than orange? Kiwi
How tall is girrafe? 17-18 meter

Can extinct species come back again? It possible some day. Just like Jurassic age
.Can communication with other animals be possible? yes. Some people know to communicate in basic way. Some can cooperate with dolphin. Some can control dog or cat.
.What is the smallest bird in the world? Bee Hummingbird
What make wind? The movement from earth. It rotating itself and go around sun.
The characteristic of grass? A small plant. That all is green. Narrow leaf shape and many leave. Root have high ability to regrow. Even it leave being burnt. If it root normal. It can grow again. It is a very first plant regrow after hill fire.
What the highest mountain? Mount Everest
Why earthquake occur? Earth heat from inner come out. Make lava move upward. Earth surface pieces move. Make earth quake. Another is earth magnetic field change. Earth surface pieces overlap or seperate also earth quake.
Which part of the Earth lies between the outer core and crust? Mantle
Name all the planet in our solar system? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
What is Photosynthesis? It is the process that plants or organism turning light energy to there energy or nutrition.
How fast is a cheetah? 112-120 km/h
What is wetland? A wetland is a land with water, permanently or seasonally, such that it is a distinct ecosystem

When is world wetlands day?
World Wetlands Day is February 2

What is Halley's comet? It travel in solar system. Every 76 years will come near sun. It will have dust tail when it come near sun. It can be seenon earth. Last time it come near sun is 1986.
What term is given to a piece of rock or metal from space that reaches the surface of the Earth?
What is the brightest star in the night sky?
Which part of typhoon have biggest power? The ring near its typhoon eye.

How many stomachs does a cow have? 4

From the Sun, what is the name of the nearest star? Mercury