Editor Interview
What do you think about global warming? It can be solve if everyone work together
Do you know about earth condition now?
Earth now is sick. If we not doing something. 2100 will suffer extreme weather.
.Do you recycle?  Yes. Paper, plastic and metal.
Do your consumption habits destroy the nautre? Yes, I eat rice, noodle and pizza. It of cereal. It need farm to produce by time to time. It have to drop tree to have farm. Forest animal home must be destory. Bird, insect, cat, wolf, snake.. Will have to find new home. I watch Tv and use mobile. It need fossil fuel to generate electricity. It much warmer weather. Corals decreasing while water temperature rise. I use furniture so tree being cut. Massive of plastic use for product cover, plastic bag and metal being use inside high end product. It need to mine more source. It make forest disappear quickerly. What you did to save the earth? Getting a simple green life. recycle bin. Use solar fan in summer. Make this website to spread eco knowledge.
What government and private campaigns are there in your country ? Internation coastal cleanup 2015 HK by private. Internation Trade Fair on Environment Protection expo by government.
You love tree? I love tree. It long lasting. Make me hope.
Could planting make you calm?
Feel free to cut of the bottle into two. Make some hole on bottom. Place tissue or get some soil on it. Place 2 to 3 seed. It would become your plant. Waiting it growing is a long process. Yours mood will calm down. You will forgot many of your stress. Then a beautiful plant will on your eyes

What is nature to you? Nature to me is big and powerful. It give me happiness when I go to wild. It also make like creature. Like to study them, the more I find from nature. the more I respect to it. Recently, I make this website that promote nature. Hope share my feeling of nature to others.
Are you pro or against nuclear power? I against nuclear. But I understand it need to exist for 30 more years. Until we found new energy source.
.Could you live without electricity for a day? Yes. I try but it boring
Could you live without electricity for a week? It boring. I play piano to have fun.
Do you think we can save our planet, or is it too late? it not too late. Try the best. We can do this.one bad thing that happens to the Earth because of pollution Coral decreasing Technology make life green or not?
Technology make a better life but there are massive pollution during making a product. E.g mobile. Firm have to invest many on mining rare metal, board design and plastic or glass. Many effort on it. Also, technology change rapidly. There are always have to be upgrade. Old mobile would be an waste for the society. Maybe it can reuse for developing countries. But one day it would still waste to world.Technology do have this unwant problem. But development must continue. Shorten communicate distance make thing possible. Product retrade C2C become possible. Long term reduce pollution. For better communication make better product design. Reduce pollution. Better usage and more durable. It can reduce demand. While keep loyalty clients. Stabilize sales. Clients can easy to share opinions with others. More good product sales and better tips for using product. Reduce product waste.Clients 2 companies become possible. While education high and people alert environment. More people recycle battery and mobile for free. To companies waste recycle line. Cost would lower and reduce demand on material.Life can better on both environment and technology. If we step further.

4. What is the meaning of life? Actually it is a great question. It can be simply answer a happy life in person. Have child. The in wide view. Life is to survive and spread its own race. For example, an insect group together to survive and keep the ant maintain in the world. The upper level of life. The more complex it is. A dolphin group come out in its unique lanugage. To make the group more easy to survive. It is to increase life quality. Base on union and lanuage. Once it have lanuage. It would have knowledge. Like ape. They will transfer survive skill to young. Make life better. To the top level, human being is always the most complex one. People in school learn language and skill and how to be good person, eventually grow is to make world better. It learn to help others. Help weakness. Solve poor problem. Join voluntee. It also know to control. Have law and anti war organisational and anti pollution group and media. Balance every benefit holder. Knowledge continuously update make technology, building, electric and tv computer and mobile. Things and news easy to catch everyone. It can generate more chance. E.g. bitcoin, litecoin. website and app. Eventually make a better and substainable world.