Climate change and environmental protection
1. How much pollution ict industry in year? Ict mean information industry. 2% of emission globally each year
2. Why tree are cut? cattle farming, logging, aguriculture, mining, oil company
3. Have prolong warm winter cause by climate change? Yes, beetle destruction forest can prove it.
5. Why water shortage? One is demand more than supply. Second is water waste into sea.
6. Why rising co2? fossil fuel and deforestation.
8. how technology innovation help against pollution? Reduce commission. New material, Instead material, recycle material and waste control.
9. Do everyone need to seperate waste or let companies do itself Everyone do i can be better, because it can be habit, doing it little by little. can generate very large effect
10. What relationship between development and pollution? It relate to population ans development stage, so third world country make the largest pollution.
11. How wind power work? Wind movement become kinetic energy generate electricity
12. How fund can help environment? It can help people build up knowledge and awareness, by champaign, competition, education, expo. It also help company to use new material, new method, waste control and management.
13. What is Kyoto Protocol? It is climate change convention from UN held in 1992
14. Why is everybody enthousiast about windenergy while the energy of the sun can be harvest direct by solarmodules? Solarmodules have no moving parts and gives hardly horizon pollution. Is that right? To answer this question. It must consider many thing. Solar panel nowaday can already be bend or roll. Actually it can be use in building windows as a layer. Also it can thin as near transparent. It can prevent occupy mass area on the ground. It also more effective while it get closer to sun light. For those benefit and people still like to work on wind power. Because sun light is only half per day and only the day with few or even no cloud. In many countries it not suitable. Especially there many rain fall. Also day light time limit. Some south and north area countries in winter near few hour sun light. It also not enough to fit the depand. In contrast, wind power can be use in many area. Any time that have suitable wind flow. Usually over 30-100km per hour. Also it can generate more power than solar panel by turning wind to electric by kenetic power. Hundred of wind power tubines can provide a small city power. Also system build by experience electric company. It more easy to management and maintain and develop
.15. Can I make a wind power fan at home? Yes, you can With a motor plug with fan and connect wire to a mini bulb. Roll the fan by hand or place on the good air flow position. It bulb will flash when it fast enough. It is the basic of wind power.
16. How forest help environment? It can provide shelter for animal like bird, monkey, snake or mouse. Generate oxygen and reduce co2. It also can keep a stable weather like seasonal rain and protect soil. Forest harvast like apple, orange and grape can be food for animal. Insect also can grow in wood and eat leaf to become beetle or butterfly. Every creature can the way to survive and spread and grow healthly.
18. Are there any women organisation in environmental development? Yes, the Women's environment and development organisation.
19. How to reduce hill fire? the most basic is to educate people in any age. Teaching them to love environment. When they love. They will protect and care it. Secondly, it should have a good fire fighting system. From the firemen and for the equipment. Hope to stop fire as soon as possible. Thirdly. It would have a fix small fire alert system. It can build on the park around the hill. It would be auto and manual system. With screen to view there have fire or not. People also can call firemen when fire just begin. Water system also very important. It is essential to stop fire. It would build underground pipe under the hill. Using plane or helicopter to stop fire also important. the more it carry the more frequent it can there. The better to stop the fire. Keep to replant new tree in a safe distance. Make future not more easy to have big fire. In the future, using the flying camera to surround the hill from time to time. Keep monitoring. If able to use robots and spread to hill. carry exhaust box or 100 kg water can be much much better. It can be place as much as possible. It can be the auto firemen helper before firemen team arrive.
20. What causes the seasonal changes? The axis is 23.5 degree from vertical. While earth go around with sun. When south pole get closer to sun it would be summer in south area on earth and north area in winter. In contrast, it will opposite result. The change of south and north winter and summer. Make 4 season.
21. What happend with all plastic bags in the sea? People fall it on sea shore like beach when go BBQ or sightseeing. Sea tidal bring the plastic bag to sea. Besides, they fall it away, when traveling by ship or boat.
23. How disel car effect environment? it can make co2 and other gas to pollute the environment when running
31. Is nuclear radiation affecting the ocean? Yes, it is keep to leak the radiational liquid. From some independence research. It would 5 times over background radiation in west coast. But the affect should decrease while Japan clearing radiation site from time to time.
How to Decrease Radiation around us? The basic way clear radiation is washing with water. Take a bath, clean foods on faucet before eating.
what u like the most in the nature Beach. I like is it. It many creature. Crab and fish. It also can see sea. Moving energy. Power all the nature. Listen it feel it.Is nature good Yes nature is good. It make life spread. Generate new possibility. Make different species. Make human and culture. Knowledge make human love nature. Make good cycle. Keep nature and life continuously
Is nature healthy Compare to year 1600. Nature is sick
Who ruin the environment? Human. Unlimit demand from nature.
Why the deserts are growing? Human fire farm. Extreme weather. Big storm. Make soil nutrition loss.
who help environment? sciencist or environment protection organisation.
How to help environment? Be green life. Recycle waste. Use renewable energy. Plant more.How to overcome pollution? New technology. Government restriction.
How to overcome a nature disaster? New technology. Professional team work together
Is the nature really green? no. It damaging from human activity
Why water so functional to our life? It keep our healthy. Transport nutrition and bring out waste.
Why are the oceans becoming more acidic? Water is warming
Why global warming can happens? Demand more than supply. Fossil fuel in use
What to do if we run out of water ? Save water. Transform Saltwater to fresh water by distilling it.
Is that really global warming It is confirm to rise 2 to 4 degree in year 2100
How we can help mother nature in simple Be green life. Recycle waste. Use renewable energy. Plant more.

How many trees are being chopped down per second average? 2.5 acres of trees are being cut down per second
Any good idea to save the air from smoke population? Factory can upgrade technology to reduce smoke emission. Use renewable energy in city. Use hydrogen car reduce emission. Solar car and plane also can help to fight air pollution.
What is green/renewable energy? The energy source that environment friendly
.What are some forms of renewable energy? Solar power. Wind power. Hydropower
.What do you think is the best and and low cost of alternate energy? Wind power. It can use in many place. Day and night
what is recycle? recycle is to renew bin to material
How do people damage the environment? Use electric. factory generate green gas. Go from place to place with car or plane that generate green house gas. Eat many. Farm expand. Reduce forest. Generate many bin.
What traffic tool is cheap and environment friendly? cycling
Is it really hard to make a solar-powered vehicles? It should be fair level to make solar powered vehicle. But solar vehicle horse power is still lower then disel car. It not easy to use in city
What do you think about solar based phone? It already have. From Tesla and apple. But it cost high now.
Can trees be replaced with other kinds of resources? Like plastic and fiber. Nanotechnology
Can we build underwater buildings for us to live in? Now already have sample undersea building
.What are the governments doing to save Earth? Law and rule for public and companies to control pollution. Like waste volume and emission. Education young to concern environment. Make nature park to save environment.
Is it true wood make pollution? Burning it would have green house gas.
Can we make wood or other resources ourselves? It can but cost very high
Are there any campaign we can save our earth together? Turn off light 1 hours
Why are some items not biodegradeable? it structure so complex. Like metal and plastic.
Should plastic be banned? It should in long term, but we should find out new alternative thing/way first.
How is paper made from wood? Chop the wood from tree. cut the wood to little piece. Boil it become fiber liquid. Using container to pick out from the water. Then dry it from sunlight.
Can paper be made from something else instead? It can. Plastic and artifical fiber can instead.
Does having animals make the environment better? Yes. It can freshing the space. The more diversity of nature. Bring more stable in the environment
Can food be used to generate electricity? Yes. Bio fuel, like oil, alcohol
What is the most efficient and safe renewable energy? hydropower
What is hydro power? Water come from rainfall. Using dam to control water flow. Make water go flow dam turbine. Water push the turbine roll to generate electric.
How many drought solution? Fill up water from river. Water relocate. River flow relocate. Water saving.
.how to preserve ozone layer Reduce or ban the use of CFC and BFC
what is tree benefit and environment protection? Tree is a plant that usually grow on land. It is tall that at least 2 meters. It have a wood fiber body. It very hard and brown colour.tree and ecology tree and ecology can be a topic as tree ecology it talk about the creature living with tree. Bird, mamals, spider, beetle, butterfly, bee, human, insect like ant. Mushroom..Being green went mainstream a while back. It is a common situation. Environment not easy to keep from time to time. It must keep protect it. Usually it cost higher and inconvinence. It would be better by a systematic government control and well education citizen. It also have to make monitor by third party like environment organisation.

Is being a vegetarian good for the environment? Yes. It can keep more forest. Better air. Also it can reduce bad substance generate by pig or cow. Like co2,ch4
What is ozone? How is it beneficial to us? o3. It can reduce ultraviolet from sun.
What is greenhouse effect? Basically, Greenhouse effect make an area have higher co2 level. Then it will make the place warmer. Because can assist heat loss.
What is greenhouse gas (GHGs) is any gases in the atmosphere that absorbing infra-red radiation, so trapping and holding heat in the atmosphere.
What are the 3R of recycling? Reduce, reuse and recycle
Green life: How to turn rubbish to art? Card board is a common waste if you eat pizza. Fly to keep the card for making toy and art. Plane, helicopter and tank. It fun

Why global warming make more hill fire? From The climate change programme, they told that global warming make heater in land and dryer. It increase change and scale of hill fire
Why climate change low down supply?
Climate change affecting nature and farmers, unexpect weather make farm dry off or too wet make them fail to get harvast. Also low down the freshwater supply, ice on many hills is going to disappear. Then river to dry off. Not good for farming. Flooding make farm soil nutrition loss. Directly affect the harvast quality and quanity. Wet area appear make bad insect boom. It also limit the supply on food.

What are tornadoes so horrifying?
It is a big twisted wind. It sucking up everything like houses and car. When it crossing the. Electricity supply interrupt. Affect many, it also kill any creatures near by including humans.
Ebook vs printed book?
Ebook is easy to keep. It great for textbook or magazine. It environment care. But Ebook may lost the books if you miss or broken the book reader. Book reader also costing. In contrast, printed book not easy to keep if there a lot. It dropping many trees for making massive amount of book. Printed book can be reuse if you share to others. Book can keep over 50 years. But it not easy to keep over century and easy be destoried when fire. Book reader can build up deep emotion to the book. By write message in the book. Book can also be sign from book write or user. Make it more unique.To help protect environment, daily newspaper magazine and textbook use ebook. Important book like knowledge, great book use printed book. So you can be a green and good reader

How to prevent desert expand? Re-planting like grape and others desert plant. Using grid net to reduce sand blowing. Make water pipe keep land wet. Wisely transfer river water to desert near by. Collect underground water to showering plants and land.

Can I be nature supporter?
No matter where you are. How old you are. You can be nature supporter. E.g. you can eat green food. Organic food. Common fishes rather than rare fishes. You can reuse old paper. Use the back side of paper. Even you can make renew paper. You can use fibre bag rather using one time plastic bag. You can use fan instead of using air conditioner. You can use old furniture or repaint your furniture to prolong its life. You can make artwork from waste. E.g. use old clothes as cuhsion or bags. Even lovely dolls. You can use water color paint instead of industrial paint. You can plant for yours vegetable. Sharing with family. You can start your solar power system.....Start your imagination. Find any way fit you. Just try it!

How fast is ice meltling in Greenland? Recent research find that 1 Trillion tons of ice melted in 2011 to 2014